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Lakeshore Restoration LLC | Odor Removal | Two Rivers, WI


Smoke, Nicotine And Pet Odor Removal
by Lakeshore Restoration LLC

Smoke Damage Contractor Manitowoc County

At Lakeshore Restoration LLC, we specialize in odor removal services. And that is why whether you want to get rid of smoke, nicotine, or pet odor, simply call us. From fire smoke odors, mildew odor (moisture/mold), and pet odors (urine, feces, dander, dirt) to cigarette odor, biological odors, etc. we can help you remove everything.

lakeshore Restoration LLC | Odor Removal | Two Rivers, WI

Comprehensive Odor Removal Methods

There is no one-solution-fits-all odor removal technique. Different types of odors need different removal methods, products, and equipment. Our team of experts know exactly how to remove unwanted and unpleasant odors for good. Any bad smell can be deodorized. However that’s not efficient in the long run. That is why instead, we first address the origin of the problem, and then decide on the best removal processes and equipment.

Top-Of-The-Line Equipment, Experienced Techies

Our collection of highly powerful tools feature Hydroxyl generators which eliminate odors using hydroxyl radicals, air scrubbers that clean air using powerful particulate air (HEPA) filters, etc. Also, there are thermal foggers that neutralize odor by using a strong deodorizer and Ozone machines that help destroy bacteria, odors, or viruses in an unused space. We have over years of experience in carrying out odor removal procedures. We are equally able to serve both home or business owners.

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The odor can come from fire, smoke, cigarettes, mildew (moisture/mold), pets, as well as various biological sources. We are always evaluating our odor removal processes again and again to deal with all these in a better way. Our team always uses the top-of-the-line technology and the best cleaning methods. Call us to book a service.

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