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Lakeshore Restoration LLC | Cleanup and restoration | Two Rivers, WI


Hoard House Cleanup and Junk Removal Services
by Lakeshore Restoration LLC

Manitowoc County’s #1 Hoarding Cleanup

Lakeshore Restoration LLC is one of the most popular professional hoarding cleanup service providers in the Manitowoc County area. We are the company you should call for a specialized and compassionate cleaning service for hoarding. Hoarding can be embarrassing, but we never judge!

Lakeshore Restoration LLC | Hoard House Cleanup | Two Rivers, WI

Experienced With Hoarding Cleanup

Our technicians have over 15+ years of experience with hoarding cleanup. Therefore, if you or one of your loved ones has a hoarding problem, bring in an experienced cleaning team like us. We are the local hoard house cleaning expert near you who can help you before it gets worse. We have employed the best highly trained individuals because of the fragile nature of cleaning out a hoard house. All of our crew members have gone through drug tests, background checks, and more.

Discreet Cleanup Service

We make sure that we clean your house in a discreet way to keep unwanted attention away. Our team of professionals is trained to go through every single step of this hoarding cleanup process. Our team is certified to remove hazardous materials and others. Also, we will repair parts of your house that are damaged from the hoarding. We are a professional specialty cleaning company handling sorting, removal, hoarding, clutter, etc. Call us today to book a service.

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We always offer a custom cleaning service because we know that each house and each situation is completely unique. We customize any project so you get the best value for money and get complete peace.

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